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Southern Alberta's #1 Airbrush Tanning Service. Join the #healthytanmovement with #canadasbestairbrushtan NOW offering Natural LED teeth whitening!

In-Studio Whitening


In-Studio Whitening

You might be wondering “what’s the difference between my amazing at-home-Netflix-watching
SunnaSmile kit and the in-studio treatment?”

Our in-studio treatment is more powerful and immediate; it will deliver stunningly whiter teeth in just 20 minutes. If you follow up with the at-home treatment after your in-studio visit, you are likely to achieve maximum whitening results in just 5 days. We do recommend that you combine the two treatments for the best results. OR, purchase a package and home-kit depending on your needs. Both our at-home and in-studio whitening lights use blue LED light technology and our professional whitening gel, just at slightly varying strengths.  

$99 per session

Pack of 3 is $219 – Never Expires – Save $78!

Use the package for maintenance as needed or use over a short period of time for maximum whitening results.

Average results per session is 2-4 shades. For those looking to maximize results, we recommend purchasing our SunnaSmile Home Kit for maintenance and at home whitening, or purchasing our 3 pack of in-studio treatments.


If you're curious how we do an in-studio Teeth Whitening, watch the video below. This video was from a Facebook Live demonstration we did in December of 2016.